Burnsville Legion Baseball. Home of the Burnsville Cobras, Burnsville Rattlers, Burnsville Pythons

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Mike Holmquist - Head Coach - holmer77@comcast.net

Mike's purpose for coaching is to help players develop the tools they require to achieve success as a player and a teammate.

Mike has been coaching in various capacities for over 50 years and continues to have a love for the game and brings energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of experience to his teams.   Mike has earned a number of certifications over the years but it’s his desire as a coach to help his players grow as individuals and develop as players and teammates that makes him stand out.

Mike is looking forward to the start of the season with great anticipation and high expectations for what the season will bring.


Duane Kelling - Assistant Coach - duanekelling@gmail.com

Duane has been playing, managing and coaching various teams and players for over 50 years.  His continued love for the game has led to participation on a number of teams at various levels and various responsibilities from playing to coaching.  From his start as player in grade school, the “love of the game” has driven me to learn from every day/every game that I played in or coached.   His experience ranges from starting on “town teams” in Iowa, high school ball, senior baseball (playing with Mike) and numerous softball team and leagues in the Twin Cities area.  Passing on this legacy to others is what drives Duane each day.


Shawn Williams - Assistant Coach




John Anderson - Assistnt Coach - j.harrison9714@gmail.com